Selecting proper jig trailer

When it comes to selecting the proper jig trailer, it’s pretty simple. It all depends on water temperature and bass feeding activity. The more active the bass are, the more action you want out of your trailer.

In water temperatures below 50 degrees, bass are not feeding very much. But they’ll feed on something that they don’t have to work very hard for. Choose a jig trailer with very subtle tail action. Something like the Havoc Devil Spear. Something that barely twitches. See below.


When the water is 50 to 65, when bass are moderately feeding, select a trailer with a little more movement. All of the fake craws work. A lot of the twister tail grubs, pork chunks, and swim trailers.


When bass are feverishly feeding, when water temperatures are 65-80, you can use something with a lot of action. A double twister tail grub will generate a lot of bites. Like the image below. There are a multitude of grubs that have 2 to 4 tails that have great action. Find whatever is on sale.


When it comes to color, please refer to our soft plastic lure color selection article.

A tremendous amount of bass are caught year round on jigs, these simple tips will help you catch more bass!

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