Keitech Swing Impact Fat Review

Keitech’s Swing Impact Fat is an excellent swim bait if you are fishing for big bass. They range in size from 2.2 inches up to 5.8 inches. We have been using primarily the larger 4.8 and 5.8 size for big bass. But we are confident that the smaller sizes would also work.

They come in a multitude of different colors. Our favorites are the Bluegill, Ayu, and Electric Blue and Chartreuse. But they also make many other colors that are more variations on the watermelon, pumpkin, whites, greys, and blacks.

These soft plastic swim baits can be fished in so many different ways. You can put them on a lightweight hook and fish them on the top like a buzz bait. You can Texas rig them and fish them on the bottom. You can use a weighted hook and just swim them through the water at different levels. You can use shaky heads to bounce them around the bottom. You can use them as jig trailers or swim jig trailers. They are incredibly versatile.

Our favorite technique is to use a weighted hook with a soft plastic twist keeper at the tip. Similar to what is pictured below.


This allows you to fish the Keitech in so many different ways. You can let it sink, swim it top water, jig it up and down, and cast it much further.

We’ve had a lot of success when it first hits the water and starts it’s descent. Keep your line tight as soon as it hits the water, you don’t want to miss those subtle bites.

Our second favorite way to fish this is on a jig, whether it be a swim jig or regular jig. You can swim it, like mentioned above. Or you can bounce it around on the bottom around cover.

One modification we make to these is to dip the tail in chartreuse Dip n Glo to give it more color and more visibility underwater. It also causes it to reflect UV light, which gives it incredible visibility. Here’s our Keitech with the dipped tail.


These baits are fairly durable and you can catch many fish on a single lure. They are fat and chunky and give bigger bass a bigger profile to eat. Bigger bass like these fatter baits.

The sparkle in these is very well thought out. It gives the bait more visibility whether it’s very sunny out or there is cloud cover. The sparkle also reflects UV light.

We’ve had an incredible amount of success with these and you will too!

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