Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Review

When you are ready to move up to more expensive rods, may we suggest the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 rods. These are our current favorite rod.

First of all they are very light. They weigh about 70% less than our cheaper favorite, the Ugly Stik GX2. They are also about 30% stronger. If you are used to Ugly Stik, you will change your mind forever after using one of these. You will immediately notice the weight difference. They are also much stronger. You will also notice that the medium heavy rod is actually a much heavier medium heavy than the Ugly Stik. Which is very nice for casting further, especially heavier lures.

We like almost all of our rods to be 7 feet long. They fit nicely in the backseat of most cars, or in the back of a pick up truck. They also give you enough length to really launch your lures.

We like the micro guides on the casting version of the rod. It lets you cast further, and keeps your line in contact with more of the rod for more strength when fighting fish.

The spinning version has more traditional guides, but is still an awesome rod. Make sure you choose the 7 foot medium heavy versions from the links below.

It’s hard to put down these rods. We bought one figuring we would just try it out. We liked it. Switching back to our Ugly Stiks was rather hard. They just felt so heavy and so weighted down.

They are very sturdy, but don’t step on the guides, they will break. Just like any guides would.

Casting with them is a breeze. They have enough strength and backbone to really launch your heaviest baits. Yet, still have enough agility to let you flip into weeds and cast accurately when needed.

We took these out on our home lake, and it was one of the most incredible fishing experiences we had had. So easy to cast. So light. So strong. Great for fighting bigger bass. We never felt like the rod was going to break. Other rods, we have been scared when you get that one really huge fish on. The biggest fish we caught on this was a 5.5 pound largemouth bass in Ohio. Since, we use braid and strong rods and reels, it was very easy to get her out of the water quickly. We don’t like to fight with our fish and weaken them. Just get them out fast, and get them back in quickly.

You will be highly satisfied with one of these rods. It’s a great upgrade to your beginner’s gear.

Let us know how you like it in the comments below.

Abu Garcia Medium/Heavy Veritas Micro Guide, 7-Feet

(click on link and choose 7 foot medium heavy)

Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Spinning Rod, 7-Feet

(click on link and choose 7 foot medium heavy)

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod (8-20-Pound Test), 6.5-Feet/Medium-Heavy

(click on it, then choose the 7 foot version)

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