Biospawn Vile Craw Review

Biospawn’s Vile Craw lure is very versatile and has incredible underwater action. It’s made out of a soft plastic that makes it almost weightless underwater and gives it very unique and lifelike action.

The Vile Craw has two claws and a middle antenna. Be sure to pull apart the plastic in between that keeps them all together. you can even cut away the middle antenna if you want less action. But it works incredibly well right out of the box with all three ligaments. Just be sure to separate them.

They are infused with a unique scent and have a buoyancy to them. They seem to work very well. This is a very versatile craw imitation. If you want less action, you can decide to leave all three pieces attached. If you want more action, snip the small plastic pieces that hold it together.

The baits are very durable as well. You won’t be going through an entire bag in under an hour. You can easily catch multiple fish on each lure. We caught upwards of 12 fish on just one with no damage to the bait.

This can be fished in so many ways. You can fish it on the bottom with jigs, football heads, shaky heads, Texas or Carolina rigs, and weighted hooks. You can also fish it top water by putting it on a weightless (or minimally weighted) hook and retrieving it quickly with your pole up. Because they are so weightless and nearly float, you want to use techniques that don’t inhibit that action.

Our favorite way to fish this is to put it as a trailer on a swim jig. When the jig is on the bottom the craw arms and body float up and wiggle irresistibly in the water. Twitch it all the way back to you. You can also swim it back to you.

We found that putting it on a weighted hook with a twist soft plastic keeper also works very well and keeps it fairly weightless. This type of hook is pictured below.


A modification we like to make to most of our soft plastics is to dip them in chartreuse Dip n Glo to give them more color and more UV reflectivity. This activates bass feverishly and you will catch more fish. See the picture below for this setup.


We used a Picasso swim jig in white and grey flake and put a white and silver flake Vile Craw on it. We dipped the craw and painted some of the hairs of the swim jig. This combination produced a ton of fish and was very productive. Pictured below is the white Vile Craw.


One of our larger catches came on a swim jig combination where we were swimming it and pausing it all the way back to shore. A big bass was following it and when we finally paused it a few feet in front of us in shallow water, he picked it up and swam away with it. Right in front of us. He turned out to be a 17 inch 2 pound monster and we were very excited.

Biospawn may be new, but don’t hesitate to invest in their products. Their lures work quite nicely. They have that buoyancy and floatation similar to some of the Z Man soft plastics and have incredible fish attracting action. We highly recommend these lures!


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