Picasso Swim Jig Review

Picasso’s attention to detail is what made these lures really stand out. Most swim jigs all look the same. Sometimes they look really plain with just a round jig head or a football jig head. But Picasso’s swim jigs are very detailed and the paint jobs look very realistic and detailed.

We ordered a number of these swim jigs in mostly the Bling Shad color which is basically a silvery white head with a white and silver flake skirt. It’s a very premium product. The fit and finish are tops. The weed guard works very nicely, we never hung up on anything. Of course, we use braid, so we rarely hang up. Ever.

They come in an assortment of weights and colors. You can get them as light weight as 1/4 oz all the way up to 1 oz. We usually use heavier weighted jig heads and ordered a bunch of 3/4 and 1 oz heads. We only ordered them in white variants like Bling Shad, Grey Ghost, and Blue Glimmer Shad. They are all variations on the color white as pictured above and below.

We like to add a little chartreuse Dip n Glo to all our baits, so we used a paintbrush to paint on some of the dye onto the hairs of the skirt. The finished product looked like the image below.


Pictured above is one of the actual fish we caught and our complete setup. We had on Spectra Power Pro braid, one of our favorite 50 pound power clips, and the jig with a Biospawn Vile Craw as a jig trailer. We have a full review article on the Vile Craw. This setup caught a lot of bass for us for hours.

We love the Dip n Glo, because it reflects UV light and the baits actually glows under water. They are very easy to notice. We’ve found that almost anything with the color chartreuse in it glows, even if it’s not dipped in Dip n Glo. We like that extra advantage. We use the unscented Dip n Glo, but we are sure the garlic flavored one works too.

The bass were chasing this thing all over the place. In fact, most hits came right when it landed and right when it submerged. We felt the bites as soon as it went under. Keep your lines tight when you cast it out. The bites are very subtle. You may not even notice them the first few casts.

We were able to cast the 1/2 oz and 3/4 oz very far on our standard medium heavy 7 foot rod with 20 pound braid. We were easily getting 50-60 yard casts with minimal effort.

We caught bass after bass. They loved chasing this thing around.

You can fish it a hundred different ways. We swam it, we crawled it on the bottom, hopped it around cover and weeds, flipped it, and even were throwing it almost like a fly fishing lure. The bass could see it coming and were nearly jumping out of the water to eat it.

One area of concern was when we had hooked a huge bass. He jumped and shook his head and the jig broke off. We were absolutely floored. Since we use braid and 50 pound clips, we couldn’t believe it. We reeled our line back and our line and clip were still in place. So the force of the fish jumping and shaking his head either broke the jig eyelet, or caused it to pop off the clip we had on. Look at our picture above, that’s the exact line and clip we were using.

Since we have so many of these, we are going to grab two pliers and test a few of them for tensile and shear stress and see if the eyelet breaks easily. We will update this review when we have more information. One reason we really like NuTech’s jigs is because they are made of heavy duty, very thick metal. You’ll need to run it over with a bulldozer to break one.

All in all, we really enjoyed the Picasso swim jigs. They were easy to use and caught a lot of fish and come in many sizes, weights and colors. What more could you ask for?

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