Ugly Stik GX2 Review

We love the Ugly Stix GX2 rods for so many reasons. They are indestructible and are very sensitive. You can use them in all types of fishing. You can hand them to a child and know that they will never break it.

Almost all of our rods are 7 foot long and medium heavy. This gives you the most flexibility in fishing. You can fish with super light lures and heavy crankbaits and large swimbaits. These rods can handle that with ease.

They are fairly lightweight. Sure, they aren’t the super expensive ultra lightweight rods, but they are a nice balance between cost and weight. If you want much lighter weight rods that are stronger and stiffer, check out our Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 review.

The guides are excellent for any type of line whether you prefer mono, fluoro, or braid. Some rod guides can’t handle braid, or are designed for just mono. These can do it all. We like being able to use any line, although we use braid exclusively.

You can hand this to a child and they won’t break it. After all, why fish if you can’t do it with family and friends? You can leave these rods on your boat and in the back of your truck. Even if they get banged around a bit, they will be fine. We’ve never had one break. We can’t say that about every rod.

The heaviest fish we’ve reeled in on one of these was a 5.5 pound monster in Ohio on our home lake. That’s a pretty heavy fish for us in Ohio. The GX2 handled it with ease.

We love the colors. Black and red are our favorite reel colors as well and it matches up perfectly with all of our Quantum Speed Freak reels.

We prefer these to the more expensive Ugly Stik Elite because of the foam grip. We don’t like the natural cork on the Elite. It wears out quickly, retains water, stains easily, and doesn’t feel as good in your hands. We like the black strong foam grip on the cheaper GX2. It lasts longer, looks better, and feels better.

If you are new to fishing or even a seasoned veteran, step up to the Ugly Stik GX2 by Shakespeare. You won’t be disappointed!

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