Nutech Lures NuJig Pro Series Jig Review

We love jigging. Like, really love jigging. So when we saw what NuTech was doing, we just had to order some of their jigs and try them ourselves.

We ordered every kind of jig they made in every color and every weight and tested them all out. Our two favorites were the NuJig Pro Series jig which we are discussing here and the Crazy Jig, which is a chatter bait we have reviewed here.


Their jigs are very well made. They start with a perfectly shaped jig head that lands upright every single time. You can watch their YouTube video of this demonstration. The naked jig heads always land upright. Of course, when you dress it with all sorts of skirts and trailers, it may not always land upright, but for us, it always did. So the shape is absolutely flawless. When we added trailers that were more buoyant, like Z Man or Biospawn, they always stayed upright. Some of the heavily salted plastics did cause it to topple over and to the side. But it still caught fish, so it didn’t really matter.

The hook is an extremely strong and super sharp, precision lasered Trokar hook. You don’t need to know anything else. It’s thick. It’s super sharp. It does what it’s supposed to do. It won’t break or straighten out.

You can order these naked or with skirts. We got plenty of both. We have a few white/chartreuse combinations, some black and blues, a few brown/green, and a few other random colors. We got them in all size and color combinations.

Looking at this jig, it almost looks like an insect of some sort with it’s two antennae up in the air. Plenty of fish probably mistake it for a bug or some type of crawdad with his claws in the air. It looks very realistic and mimics insects very well.

Since we fish from shore and like long casts, we especially like the heavier 1/2 oz to 1 oz sizes. On 20 pound braid and a medium heavy 7 foot rod, you can cast these 60 yards quite easily. We loved that. And they got bit almost as soon as they hit the water or as soon as they submerged. Almost as if you were fly fishing them and the bass was watching it flying towards the water surface.

The unique weed guard is their claim to fame. It’s truly what makes them unique. It’s really why we love these jigs. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. And it’s supposed to promote hook ups in the roof of the mouth, which is a bony structure and will keep your fish healthier and cause less damage to softer parts of their mouths. Did it always work out that way? Mostly. But not every single time. We still had some side lip hook ups.


Above is the black and blue with some type of lizard soft bait as a trailer. The bass were annihilating this combination. But we quickly had to switch back to a white/chartreuse combo because of more bites.

One of our favorite modifications is to paint some chartreuse Dip n Glo on the skirt to give it incredible visibility underwater due to its UV reflectivity. This is especially important in low light or murky water. Even the dark black and blue skirts will glow and reflect UV rays.

We used these jigs every which way you could. We flipped them, swam them, jigged them on the bottom, dragged through bottom structure, fished them along weed lines, and in and around rip rap. There is nothing they couldn’t do.

We never lost a fish on these jigs. Ever. Many of the more popular jigs have weak metal parts or hooks and have snapped off. Which is really disappointing. These never did. The metal eyelet is huge and made of very thick metal. Just look at our picture.

We always use the same setup. We use 20 pound braid, to a powerful 50 pound rated metal clip, then to the lure. We love this because we can switch lures quickly and never lose a lure. We always use 7 foot medium heavy rods by various manufacturers, but we like them to be pretty stiff.

We had a lot of fun and a lot of success fishing these jigs. You really don’t need anything else once you have some of these. They are very versatile and can be used in any way that you would fish a jig.

We have no hesitation and strongly recommend these jigs.


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