Evolution Baits Grass Burner Review

The Grass Burner lure is a unique buzz bait with a flat profile on one side.  It’s pricey, but you are getting a unique top water bass bait.

First and foremost, it does catch bass. Very well. We’ve caught quite a few bass on the burner.

The backside is actually completely flat. The flat profile actually makes it more castable than other buzz baits. You can cast it as far as you can cast a heavy jig or heavy spoon.

It’s about 7 inches long, so it presents quite a large profile to bass. The bigger bass will be attracted to this larger profile and you should have no issues landing them.

It does not float. It needs to be reeled in quickly with your rod tip pointing up in order to keep it buzzing on top of the water. This makes it more versatile, as you can fish it up and down the water column. You can let it sink a little, then reel it in. Pause it to have it fall a bit, then start reeling it back. There are many different ways to fish this.

It’s designed with the front treble sitting on top, which actually helps keep it weedless. The back treble is not usually hanging down when you retrieve it, so it will not hang up on weeds. Of course, if you let it sink into a weed bed, it will hook weeds. They call it the Grass Burner because you can burn it back to you just above underwater grass. Or so we think that why they named it that.

We threw it on our usual setup. A 7 foot medium heavy rod, 20 pound braid and a strong clip at the end of the braid. We had no issues launching these very far. We were casting it out 50-60 yards quite easily.

Below is their golden shad.


We purchased two different colors. We got them in a red craw color and a darker black and blue color. We didn’t catch as many fish as we’d like with these. If we had a do-over we would have got the white and chartreuse color. We love anything chartreuse for so many reasons. Mostly because it flat out catches fish. But also because it glows underwater and reflects UV light nicely. Most game fish have excellent UV light detection.

These are quite pricey. You will be paying $25 for each one. Which is why we didn’t buy too many of them. You can only purchase these through the Evolution Baits website. They are not available any where else.

We didn’t catch as many fish as we’d like. We had higher expectations of this pricey lure. You should have at least one in your arsenal. And it should be the white/chartreuse colored one. And if the chartreuse on it is not UV reflective, paint on some Dip n Glo. It can definitely be fished in different ways from traditional buzz baits, so you are getting more than just a buzz bait.

We will update this review if our experience with this lure changes over time.


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