NuTech Lures CrazyJig Review

The search for the top of the line chatter bait is over! NuTech lures has created the ultimate chatter bait with their NuTech CrazyJig. They’ve taken the concept of their weedless jig and expanded it’s functionality by adding a blade to the front end.

When we saw what NuTech was doing we had to order their products and try them out. They looked so unique and so promising. We loved them so much, we no longer order jigs from anywhere else. That’s how amazing these have been.

We ordered almost everything NuTech made in every color and size that was offered. The two products we were most impressed with were their Pro Series NuJig and this CrazyJig. We reviewed the NuJig here.

We ordered a ton of these in every weight and color combination you could imagine. We’ve fished them all. They all caught fish. But the one that caught the most fish was the chartreuse jig head with the white/chartreuse skirt with the gold colored blade. There was just something about it that put it head and shoulders above the rest.


Pictured above was our most effective CrazyJig.

The color chartreuse just glows and shines underwater. It’s also very reflective of UV light. Fish can’t resist it. The gold blade is also essential. The same exact jig with a nickle (silver) blade and the bubbler blade nickle were just not as effective. We used the chartreuse one day and night. So much so that we chipped the paint off the lead. We had to repaint it. That’s how effective and useful this was. Below is a bass we caught night fishing this CrazyJig. The red on the skirt is some flavor gel we added. It wasn’t necessary though, we caught plenty of fish without the flavor. You can see where the paint has started chipping and the lead is exposed.


We fished this mostly swimming it. You have to get your retrieve speed right. You will feel the vibration and that’s when you know it’s working.

When we first started using these we would burn them back as fast as possible. That was not as effective as slowing down. Slow down to where it’s still vibrating, but still coming back to you. Experiment with different speeds. Fish are finicky and may want different speeds at different times.

We also liked jigging this around weeds in shallow water. The bass in the shallows could not resist this bait. We caught so many that we had to quit.

We mostly fished this without a trailer. Adding a black and chartreuse twister tail did give it more action. You could add almost any trailer and it would make it work even better.

This is an extremely versatile lure. Not only can you use it as a chatter bait, but it also can function as a traditional jig. You can obviously swim it, but you can also crawl it on the bottom, jig it up and down, hop it off structure, flip into brush piles and weeds, and just about anything else you can do with a jig (or any bait). This has become our favorite lure, hands down.

We like the NuTech jigs because they are built like a tank. Every part of them. Great heavy duty Trokar hooks. Heavy metal eyelet on the jig, and strong blade.

The only concern we had was the rather thin wired metal clip on the front that you attach to your line. It’s made of pretty flimsy metal. We would replace these with heavier gauge clips. But otherwise, it’s a pretty awesome lure.

We always use the same setup. We use 20 pound braid, to a powerful 50 pound rated metal clip, then to the lure. We love this because we can switch lures quickly and never lose a lure. We always use 7 foot medium heavy rods by various manufacturers, but we like them to be pretty stiff.

We had a lot of fun fishing this lure and will keep it in the top drawer for easy access. It’s a great way to start out at a lake or pond you’ve never fished before.

If you had to buy only one lure, this one should be it. Go out and get one!

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